Young Welsh Climber hits the TV screens

by Jack Geldard – UKC Ioan Doyle, 17, from Bethesda, North Wales, is a young climber of exceptional talent and promise. He is starring in a film documentary Wynebau Newydd: Dringo i´r Eitha´ (New Faces: Climbing to the Limits) which follows him over the summer of 2007 as he attempts some amazing and classic routes throughout the world. Cameraman Alun Hughes (Stone Monkey, 80´s Extreme) filmed Ioan as he climbed in Snowdonia, Kalymnos and Yosemite Valley. Ioan started to climb indoors when he was 11 years of age, and outdoors when he was 15, and his friend and mentor ´Mills´ quickly realised he had a prodigious talent. His mother, Catrin, is very proud of him and understandably experiences a range of emotions and fears watching her child pursue such a dangerous hobby. Catrin speaks honestly about the maelstrom of emotions she feels as she sees her son reach for the peaks. Producer and director Alun Hughes says: ?This is the story of a climber who´s immensely talented for one so young.We followed him for a whole summer as he faced extremely difficult climbing challenges. This is also a portrayal of a lad who is maturing as a climber and as a person and the feelings of both his mother and his trainer as they learn to loosen the reins on his life. It´s a programme about climbing which will appeal to a much wider audience.? Ioan is a UKC registered user.View his UKC Profile Film Details: Tuesday, 5 February, 9.00pm, S4C Also, Saturday, 9 February, 9.35pm, S4C S4C is available on Sky 134 outside Wales and on all platforms in Wales.