Yuji Hirayama Onsights Second 8c

The Japanese climbing legend, Yuji Hirayama, has onsighted his second 8c. The route is called ´Pata Negra´ and is situated in Rodellar, Spain. Yuji was the first person to onsight 8c when in 2004 he climbed White Zombi in Baltzola, Spain. In 1999 he onsighted Mortal Kombat, at the time graded 8c, but it was subsequently downgraded to 8b+. On the 8 day trip to Rodellar, Yuji also managed to onsight four 8b+´s, three 8b´s, eight 8a+´s and one 8a!! Not bad for a 38 year old. On the opposite scale of age, Charlotte Durif, 16, has recently climbed an 8c and onsighted three 8b´s and has now ticked her 200th route graded 8a or harder. Of her 8c and three 8b+´s, not one was under 50m in length. And on the subject of length, she also climbed a 95m 8a ? English limestone it certainly is not. Source: www.kairn.com