Zwischenbericht der Fluthilfe durch Cathy Beloeil in Thailand

etwas mehr als einem Monat berichteten wir darüber, wie sich die
französische Kletterfotographin Cathy Beloeil in Thailand für
Opfer der Flutwasserkatastrophe einsetzt. Heute schickte sie mir die
folgende Zwischenbilanz. Hilfe wird weiterhin dringend benötigt –
aber lest selbst:


1. Rents
help from Rally for Railay, Christy and the GFA&E Foundation with
whom she works in California, we have been able to pay rents for 51
families relocated nearby the mosque. We suspect we will need to pay on
the order of 25 additional rents next month.
2. Elderly

We have been able to
give 1500 bhat to each senior citizen from Phi Phi, thanks both to Eddy
of Tsunami-Hilfe Koh Phi Phi and to your donations.

3. Toys for children at schools and refugee camp

Several people either forwarded us their toys, or they've brought them to us themselves and let us distribute them.

4. Hospital visits with Christy, Jacline, and Bernard

We were able to bring
a small amount of financial aid to people still in the hospital after 1
month, including one young woman who gave birth to a baby daughter 9
days after the tsunami and to Samat who suffered an internal infection
of the leg.

5. Purchase of tents

Thanks to Jaqueline's fundraising.

6. Family sponsorships

We'll let you know this coming week.


1. Help to foster families of Phi Phi orphans and to single (widowed) mothers.

Thanks, Eddy and Christy.

2. Temporary food deliveries since the beginning of January, still ongoing.

For these we extend thanks to Yaya, Christy, and her foundation, Eddy, Shun, and all of you.

3. Toys for the children.


1. Supplies for the village of Ting Rai

thanks to Sam and Michelle of Rally for Railay.

2. 3 longtail boats

thanks to Christy and the GFA&E Fondation and to Eddy and Tsunami Hilfe Koh Phi Phi on behalf of the Ting Rai community.

3. 7 small fishing boats with motors

thanks to Eddy and to Ken and Julie of Canmore, California.

4. Fishing nets

thanks to Rally for Railay and to all Eric's friends in France.

5. Toys for the children.

Cathy in Thailand

Surely I'm forgetting something…

None of this would've been possible without your help and we would like
to thank all of you for allowing us follow through with so many
critical activities in such a timely fashion.

We have many projects for the month of March. Of course, all our
activities currently in place must continue until we determine they're
no longer necessary.

Thus, we're still counting on our friends here and abroad to continue
their active participation here, there, on the Web forum, and within
your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Thanks again for your support and your trust.

We'll be sharing the status of our new projects as soon as possible.


Please share this information with all your contacts.  We need your help.

Cathy Beloeil

QuelleText & Foto: Cathy Beloeil