[VIDEO] Alex Megos Gets Taken To His Limit By An Unclimbed Project (Epic Climber, Ep. 5)

The thing that separates truly great climbers from everyone else out there is their ability to flip the switch and give it everything they've got at a moment's notice.

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It’s what allows the sport’s top athletes to onsight routes way above the aspirations of other climbers and what makes them succeed when things come down to the wire.

What happens when all of the training and all of the natural and hard-won talent that goes into making a top-level climber doesn’t pay off however?

In this episode of Epic Climber, we find out, as Alex Megos gives it his all on an unclimbed project at Rawyl, Switzerland, only to be defeated by both the route and time.

Alex’s frustration at his failure tells another story, one not of athletic prowess, but of the drive, hunger and passion that go into making him the extraordinary climber that he is.