[VIDEO] David Lama and Conrad Anker attempting the Lunag Ri in Nepal

David Lama and Conrad Anker became the first expedition ever to reach the headwall of Lunag Ri, a 6907 meters high mountain located at the border of Nepal and Tibet. The Austrian-American rope team gave everything to be the very first to reach the untouched summit.

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But in the end, due to freezing cold temperatures and strong wind the only reasonable option was to retreat.

“Had we reached the summit, our climb would have been perfect,” summarizes David Lama, who’s visited his father’s home village during the expedition.

“In turn, we still have our fingers. On the way down, we warmed them in our pockets. They will surely be useful on our next attempt, which we have set our sights on for next year.”

QuelleWorld of Freesports (Vimeo User)