[VIDEO] Ein schlechter Tag für Adam Ondra

Auch ein Adam Ondra ist "fehlbar", aber was bei ihm als "bad day" bezeichnet wird, würde bei den meisten anderen Kletterer als "Killer Tag" gefeiert und am Abend entsprechend begossen werden.

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Short film made of a few "trash" or unsuccesful shots from Adam Ondra's latest visit in Zillertal.

Adam was training ON-SIGHT climbing for the upcoming World Cup competition. If he didn't succed, he just finished the route AF (all with 1 sit only) and left to try another "ON-SIGHT". You can see the effort he gives to his climbing.

So here are some "harder" routes from this great climbing area, performed by A.O in one of his bad days…

Who said that Adam is the shy and calm boy? 😀

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Petr P.

PS: Adams acrobatic climb of "Heilige Gral" (9a – 2nd try) will come soon!

QuelleBernartwood (Vimeo User)