[VIDEO] Felipe Camargo repeating “Era Vella” (9a)

SINGING ROCK athlete Felipe Camargo repeated "Era Vella" (9a) in Margalef, Spain in 22 June 2015. Felipe is on an almost three-months climbing trip to Europe. His first stop was in Spain.

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Now Felipe is in Austria, in Innsbruck exactly. The plan is clear – climbing and training for the world cup in lead. The cup starts in Chamonix, France, in a few days. Root for Felipe with us!

IFSC World Cup Lead 2015
10-12 July: Chamonix (FRA)
17-18 July: Briancon (FRA)
31 July-1 August: Imst (AUS)
21-22 August: Stavanger (NOR)
26-27 September: Puurs (BEL)
17-18 October: Wujiang (CHN)
14-15 November: Kranj (SLO)

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