[VIDEO] Forking Awesome Bouldering in Joe’s Valley Forks (Lost in North America, Ep. 7)

Joe's Valley in Utah is made up of three areas: Left Fork, Right Fork and New Joe's, all of which the Lost crew found FORKING AWESOME. And you can bet, if the Lost crew goes to Joe's, you had better well expect butter-finger doughnuts, sandstone boulders and the aquatic center...

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Well we’ve learned to expect anything from the Lost crew. This was a quick stop for the crew but a successful one – only 5 days of climbing, but great ones at that.

The team found themselves jumping from one fork to another and were never disappointed in the result.

They climbed endlessly everyday even crossing rivers barefoot while it was snowing.

The boulders include

  • Low tide 7A+
  • Lactation Station 7C+
  • Milk Man 7B+
  • Eye of the Beholder 8A
  • Play Mate of the Year 7C.