[VIDEO] James Blay klettert die “Big Four" in Cuvier Rempart

James Blay, dessen persönliches Boulderlimit nach eigenem Bekunden bei 7c/+ liegt, gelingen in diesem Video gleich vier klassische Probleme in diesem Grad in Cuvier Rempart in Fontainebleau, nämlich "Tristesse", "Big Golden", "Big Boss" und "Fourmis Rouges".

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Wild Country's own James Blay sends the classic problems at Cuvier Rempart – Big Boss, tristesse, Big Golden and Formis Rouge. James takes up the story "What can I say… Four of the biggest and best 7c's in the forest! So pleased to get them all done. For those of you that are unfamiliar with these problems they are situated together at the top of Cuvier Rempart. After watching Jerry Moffatt crush Big Golden in The Real Thing and Ty Landman fly through all four of them (flashing Tristesse!) in a session at the start of Between The Trees, I was really keen to give them a try. 7c/7c+ is my utter limit and to get four of them ticked in 2010 was just awesome. I hope this video gets you psyched for your next project in Font, whatever it may be! Cheers, James."

QuelleWild Country (Vimeo User)