[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Climbs The Old School Crimpfest “Insurrection” (8c/5.14b)

Jonathan Siegrist is back from climbing in Europe and after taking time off with an injury he hops on his project, "Insurrection" (8c/5.14b) at Independence Pass, CO. The route has several sections where he's forced to get super stretched out and then violently cut his feet, all of which can potentially spit him off.

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Even he’s surprised when he clips bolt after bolt, ending up at the final boulder problem and actually-quite-hard anchor clip. Breathing heavy at 11k feet, he clips the chains. “I was Pretty surprised,” says Siegrist.

“It’s a hard route and I really had not been climbing outside more than 2 days in the past 5 or 6 weeks – since Europe. But my injury had forced me to train and stay diligent about sleep and taking care of myself. Regardless, I was very stoked. It felt good to send hard after the injury at Wild Iris. For me, I’d say 14b is accurate. And the pitch is outstanding.”