[VIDEO] Jonathan Siegrist Immersed In Catalonia’s “Power Inverter” (9a+)

Fresh from the success of completing La Rambla, EpicTV Shop athlete Jonathan Siegrist moves onto a new challenge: "Power Inverter". Nestled in amongst the stunning scenery of Oliana in Catalonia, Spain, Jonathan finds himself getting a bit introspective in the quest to complete one of his hardest projects yet.

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First sent by the legend Chris Sharma in 2010, and then by Rámon Julian in 2014, Power Inverter is a 9a+ route where not many men (or women) have been before.

To get himself in the right frame of mind, Jonathan immerses himself in the local culture, living there for months with his girlfriend, learning the Catalan language and experiencing its people as he comes to understand what it will take to climb such a demanding route.

Appreciation is key if you’re working a route that only two people have done before, as is focus and determination, which Jonathan has in spades.

Director: Tara Reynvaan
Producer: Tara Reynvaan

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