[VIDEO] Romain Desgranges topping “So High” in Joshua Tree

Last year in December the adidas Outdoor climbing athlete Romain Desgranges left to fight against the Californian granite to push hard and seek his physical limits. In Joshua Tree he found his 10 challenges.


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“So High” 40ft, “Up40” 33ft, “Aiguille de Joshua” 31ft, “Slash Face”, “Betty Jo”, “Planet X”, “White Rasta” 26ft, “Alexandria”, “False Up 20” and “Act of Contrition” 21ft. And it was all about mental limits.

Seeing how far he dared to go. How high he could climb without his mind going off the rails. How he would react when success was no longer an option, but the only solution.

Find out how Romain took the challenges and impressively succeeded.

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