[VIDEO] Training With Adam Ondra (Part 2)

Passion, true passion, means still loving what you do even when it gets painful, even when it pushes you to the edge of your ability. And that passion is at the core of Adam Ondra's relationship with climbing and although he's now heading into the Kotelna Gym for his third training session of the day, for the seventh day in a row, he doesn't lack for motivation.

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This endurance session, focusing on seven reps of a fifty-move sequence, is his bread and butter. It is the reason he has had so much success in competitions; and as his arms tire, Adam tries to imagine climbing these moves near the top of a vital competition route.

His muscles are screaming louder than the imaginary crowd, but his passion carries him through. Passion for the sport that he loves, passion for what he wants to achieve and yes, maybe even passion for training itself. This is what makes Adam who he is.