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Martin Stranik on 'Warrior' (8C/V15) FA (c) mellow (YouTube User)

[VIDEO] Martin Stráník on “Warrior” (8C/V15) FA

Martin Stranik doing a cool FA in Czech Republich. Filmed and edited by Lukas Cerny.
Einladung zum Petrohradské padání 2018 (c) Petr Resch

Einladung zum Petrohradské padání 2018

We would like to invite all bouldering enthusiasts to the fifteenth anniversary of the open-air bouldering contest – Petrohradské padání. At the occasion of this anniversary, the new guidebook for the Žihle area is going to be published, with more than 2000 boulder problems of all difficulties.
Highballs in Petrohrad (c) Petrohradské Padání

[VIDEO] Highballs in Petrohrad

Da viele Leute aus Deutschland ins tschechische Petrohrad zum Bouldern kommen, hat mich der Local Petr Resch auf einen Film über Highballs in diesem Bouldergebiet aufmerksam gemacht.
Adam Ondra (c) Tommy Chandler

Adam Ondra: School is out and the Dawn Wall is calling

Black Diamond Ambassador Adam Ondra admits that there’s one major hole in his climbing resume. "I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t been to Yosemite yet," he told BD. But that’s about to change.
Petrohradske padani 2016

Einladung zum “PETROHRADSKÉ PADÁNÍ 2016” in der Tschechischen Republik

Petrohradske padani - is it a competition or just an opportunity to meet people of the same kind? We would like each participant to answer this question on his/her own. If the unique spirit of this event comes from every attending climber - not just from our minds - we couldn't be more happy.
Training With Adam Ondra (Part 2) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Training With Adam Ondra (Part 2)

Passion, true passion, means still loving what you do even when it gets painful, even when it pushes you to the edge of your ability. And that passion is at the core of Adam Ondra's relationship with climbing and although he's now heading into the Kotelna Gym for his third training session of the day, for the seventh day in a row, he doesn't lack for motivation.
Training With Adam Ondra (Part 1) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Training With Adam Ondra (Part 1)

Athletes like Adam Ondra aren't simply born, they're made. And as we're about to discover, the making takes time, dedication and more than a dash of masochism. Adam has dedicated himself to pushing the sport of climbing further than it ever has been before.
Felix Neumärker in "Action Directe" (9a) Foto: Frank Kretschmann

Felix Neumärker wiederholt “Action Directe” (9a) und “To tu jeste nebylo” (9a)

Innerhalb weniger Tage konnte Felix Neumärker zwei Routen im 9ten Franzosengrad für sich verbuchen. Die Touren stammen jeweils von Ausnahmekletterern ihrer jeweiligen Generation: Adam Ondra und Wolfgang Güllich.
RAFIKI PETROHRADSKÉ PADÁNÍ 2015 in Petrohrad, Tschechien

Bouldertreffen RAFIKI PETROHRADSKÉ PADÁNÍ 2015 in Petrohrad, Tschechien

Die Organisatoren möchten alle Boulderfans zur bereits 14. Auflage des RAFIKI PETROHRADSKÉ PADÁNÍ 2015 einladen. Dabei handelt es sich um eines der grössten Bouldertreffen in Europa mit vielen neuen Bouldern für jedes Kletterniveau.
Beal Petrohradske Padani 2013

Beal Petrohradske Padani 2013

Das diesjährige tschechische Boulderwettkampf Beal Petrohradske Padani, der am Naturfels ausgetragen wird, findet Ende April in der Nähe von Zihle statt. Die Vorbereitungen laufen schon auf Hochtouren und alle Kletterer von nah und fern sind ganz herzlich eingeladen.


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