[VIDEO] Ueli Steck Runs Up Eighteen 4000m Peaks In A Day (Part 2)

After Ueli Steck's partner Michi Wohlleben suffered a debilitating paragliding injury descending from one of their very first mountains, questions start to arise as to whether the guys can keep up the required pace to finish their challenge.

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With this in mind, Ueli begins to look for new partners and teams up with Swiss ski mountaineer Andreas Steindl. The pair manage to accomplish a huge day in Switzerland, summiting eighteen (yes, eighteen) 4,000-meter peaks in one day. The feat is a huge push forward in the project, and gives Ueli back the advantage he needs. To top off his buzz, he revels in summiting the Matterhorn early the next day.

Join Ueli and the team as they battle their way through the highs and lows of a very classic alpine challenge in the Alps. EpicTV and Goal Zero present “The Classic Alpinist”, a special 4-part series.

Stay tuned for part 3 coming out next Tuesday the 29th of December.