C'etait demain | The Classics | Boulder EP#2 (c) MAMMUT (YouTube User)

The cradle of bouldering for over 130 years, in Fontainebleau the first 8A already boasts a 33-year history. However, even today, with the advent of a ninth Bleau grade, Jacky Godoffe's C’était demain remains a tough nut to crack.

J'aime Fontainebleau (Part 1) (c) MAD Productions

2 part film about a trip to Fontainebleau. Showing a range of grades from 6a to 8a+. In the first week the climbers took their housemate Lauren for a few days who has never climbed before and she met some interesting people along the way...

Out of Sight II (Trailer) (c) neil hart

"Out of Sight II" will take you on a journey from an unusual perspective, the forest of Fontainebleau as you have never seen it. World class climbers take on the hardest blocs in the forest as well as some of the more known problems.

Sean McColl in Fontainebleau 2015 (c) EpicTV

Back in March of 2015 Sean McColl took a two week trip to the enchanted and somewhat creepy forests of Fontainebleau, France. His trip wasn't short of hard sends; with an 8B flash and handful of 8B+ sends.

Chasin' the rubbish 2015 (c) Scott Noy

Das Black Diamond Team, Black Diamond Athleten und zahlreiche Boulderer fanden sich an den Ostertagen zusammen, um Besucher der Bouldergebiete auf nachhaltige Verhaltensweisen am Fels und in der Natur hinzuweisen.

Andreas Barth, Dorothea Karalus & friends in Fontainebleau 2015

Andreas Barth, Dorothea Karalus & friends had a great trip with good weather and obviously lots of climbing. Doro seems to be back in shape, doing her big project from 2013, "Frisson" (8a+), which is her 50th boulder 8a and harder!

Nalle Hukkataival sends L'alchimiste (c) Black Diamond Equipment

In 1996 Marc Le Menestrel opened one of the hardest routes in the forest of Fontainebleau, known as L'alchimiste. Not long after Marc's ascent, the crux holds were mysteriously broken, and the route was deemed impossible.

Fred und Nalle geben Mülltüten aus (c) Black Diamond

Jährlich an Ostern tummeln sich ca. 10.000 Boulderer an den Felsen und sonstige Besucher im Wald rund um Fontainbleau. Black Diamond wird vom 03.-06.04.2015 mit einem Team von Black Diamond-Athleten und Internen vor Ort sein, um dort die Besucher auf den bewussten Umgang mit Natur und Fels aufmerksam zu machen.

Fontainebleau 2014 (c) Christian Dierks

The best problems of Christian Dierks trips to Fontainebleau in 2014. Highlights are "Rataplat" (7b), "L'Angle Bens" (7a+) and "Le Fil En Aiguille" (6c+). If anybody has information about the unknown Boulder at 5:34 please let him know.

[VIDEO]  Beaux à Bleau - David Firnenburg in Fontainebleau

David Firnenburg is currently in Fontainebleau again and he thought why not putting up a little video again from his last trip earlier this year. David is bouldering a lot and his skin isn't so good. In Font he always has bad skin. It feels like it isn't regrowing, he just ripps off more and more. Well, this is the only thing right now which isn't working so well.



Leadweltcup 2017 in Kranj: Jakob Schubert feiert 18. Weltcupsieg (c) Shinta Ozawa

Am 11. und 12.11.17 stand das Saisonfinale im Lead Weltcup 2017 in Kranj (SLO) an. Jakob Schubert dominierte den ganzen Bewerb und gewann souverän jede Runde. Im Finale kletterte er als einziger zum Top und sicherte sich so den Sieg. Es war sein 18. Weltcupsieg.