FRI NIGHT VID: Rich Simpson on Action Directe (F9a)

Rich Simpson on "Action Directe", 9a. Frankenjura, Germany. Photo: Alex Messenger

Rich Simpson making the coveted 6th ascent of Action Direct – 9a© Rich Simpson/Wild Country, Oct 2005This video, filmed and put together by Chris Doyle, documents the training and obsession of Richard Simpsonas he works toward and finally succeeds in his long term goal of climbing Action Directe (F9a) in the Frankenjura, Germany.Action Directe was the world's first F9a, climbed by the legendary Wolfgang Gullich and has seen less than a handful of ascents even today.Introducing the film, Chris Doyle told us simply:”I just wanted people to appreciate that a few years ago this kid Rich Simpson dedicated his life to climbing and ended up training 6 days a week in a small garage in Redditch, ultimately to climb one route. I think the vid tells the story well enough.” Chris would also like to point out that the ascent captured on this film is an edited ascent and not the actual redpoint of the route.VIDEO: Obsession, Rich Simpson on Action Directe Thanks go to Chris for the permission to use this film. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen