McHaffie and Bransby – Petit Route – Grand Capucin

The Grand Capucin dwarfs two climbers on their approach at sunrise© Jon GriffithBritish trad stars James McHaffie and Ben Bransby have just made a free ascent of the legendary Voie Petit on the Grand Capucin (3838m) in the Mont Blanc area.Their ascent is possibly the third free ascent after Alex Huber in 2005 and Czech climbers Václav ?atava and Du?an Janák in 2007.The route tackles the 450m granite wall via a series of hard pitches up to F8b.Reporting via text message, McHaffie said:”We got it! 4 days, flashed all but crux roof which I got 2nd redpoint.”There is more information on the DMM hope to bring full details of this ascent soon. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen