Fabian Buhl in Déjà (8c+) (c) Petzl Sport

[VIDEO] Fabian Buhl in Déjà (8c+)

Multi-pitch in Ratikon - Déjà (8c+) has been bolted in 12.9.1992 by Michi Wyser and Andres Lietha. 27 years after Fabian Buhl is the first to free climb this incredible project with the support of Andres Lietha. Discover the amazing story behind the first free ascent of "Déjà"
Alex Luger redpointing 'The Gift' (8c) in the Rätikon (c) adidas Outdoor

[VIDEO] Alex Luger redpointing “The Gift” (8c) in the Rätikon

Professional climber Alex Luger made his dream come true: After two years of hard training and preparation he redpointed the route "The Gift" in one day.
Edu Marin climbs 'WoGü (8c) (c) MAMMUT

[VIDEO] Edu Marin climbs “WoGü” (8c)

WoGü is one of the best known multi-pitch routes in Europe: not only for its difficulty but because it also carries a little bit of history with it.
Nalle Hukkataival in "Silbergeier" (8b+) (c) EpicTV

[VIDEO] Nalle Hukkataival in “Silbergeier” (8b+)

When Beat Kammerlander established the route "Silbergeier" (8b+/5.14a) in 1993, it is unlikely he ever expected it to become the multi-pitch route of choice for climbing's bouldering fraternity. However in recent years, despite its technical, slabby style and sparse bolting, the line has seen numerous ascents from climbers more commonly in the news for their efforts closer to the ground.


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