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    Paul Robinson (c) Archiv Robinson

    Powerquest Podcast: Paul Robinson

    Ausschlafen, "PC-Stunde", Frühstücken, Bouldern bis in die Abenddämmerung hinein, Chillen, Essen und ... REPEAT! So seit Jahren an den meisten Tagen des Jahres der "ausgeglichen glücklich machende" Life-Style DES Amerikaners, der die jüngste Sportkletterdisziplin, das Bouldern, wie kaum ein anderer prägte.
    On The Road With Paul Robinson In South Africa (c) prAna

    [VIDEO] On The Road With Paul Robinson In South Africa

    After 6 trips and more than a year spent in South Africa, prAna Ambassador Paul Robinson finds himself looking further and further off the beaten path in search of new rock. Follow along as Paul Robinson finds an area that yields more than he could have ever imagined.
    The 22nd Hueco Rock Rodeo

    [VIDEO] The 22nd Hueco Rock Rodeo

    The 22nd Hueco Rock Rodeo hosted by the American Alpine Club and presented by Petzl and Five Ten was another great year! Thanks to Mind Frame Cinema for capturing these world class boulderers doing what they do best! Watch, Enjoy, Share!!!
    The Thrill of Brazil Ep. 1

    [VIDEO] Beach Bouldering in Brazil with Paul Robinson and Felipe Camargo

    The Thrill Of Brazil: After meeting US climber Paul Robinson five years ago during a visit to Colorado, Brazilian local Felipe Camargo has been desperate to show Paul the climbing in his native country. After years of nagging/gentle reminders, Paul is finally in Brazil and straight out of the gate, things are looking good for a successful trip.
    [VIDEO] Generations: Fred Nicole

    [VIDEO] Generations: Fred Nicole, Paul Robinson & Jimmy Webb

    Fred Nicole, Paul Robinson and Jimmy Webb share a day of climbing in Hueco and talk about the early years of bouldering. Fred was a pioneer of many of the steepest, most desperate boulder problems on the planet. Paul and Jimmy honor his achievements and talk about the future of the sport.


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