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    'A Song for Tomorrow' mit Mayan Smith-Gobat und Ben Rueck (c) Kaletsch Medien

    [VIDEO] “A Song for Tomorrow” mit Mayan Smith-Gobat und Ben Rueck

    Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ben Rueck teamed up with China’s renowned climbers Liu Yongbang and Xiao Ting for an expedition to explore the Qingfeng Valley, at the boundary of Zhangjiajie, China’s first and largest national park.
    Kevin Jorgeson on Blue Collar (5.13d) Higher Cathedral Spire (c) Digital Stoke Media

    [VIDEO] Kevin Jorgeson on Blue Collar (5.13d) Higher Cathedral Spire

    After his historic first free ascent of the Dawn Wall, on El Capitan, Kevin Jorgeson needed another project - out of the limelight. He found it on Higher Cathedral Spire.
    Totally focused, Ting faces her fears on her first trad lead. (c) Frank Kretschmann/adidas Outdoor

    Mayan Smith-Gobat und Ben Rueck klettern in Zhangjiajie, China

    Mayan Smith-Gobat, Ben Rueck und die chinesischen Kletterer Liu Yongbang (Abond) und Xiao Ting erhielten als erste Kletterer die Erlaubnis, im Qingfeng Valley, im Umland von Chinas größtem Nationalpark Zhangjiajie, neue Routen zu erschließen.
    Ben Rueck on "Pure Pressure" (5.14) (c) adidas Outdoor

    [VIDEO] Ben Rueck on “Pure Pressure” (5.14)

    "I don't need no stinkin' bolts!" Adidas Outdoor athlete Ben Rueck decides to get his trad on for a vicious desert finger crack, and discovers what it means to get maxed.
    Mayan Smith-Gobat & Ben Rueck climbing in Tasmania (c) adidas Outdoor

    [VIDEO] Mayan Smith-Gobat & Ben Rueck climbing in Tasmania

    Be part of Mayan Smith-Gobat's and Ben Rueck's experience on the Totem Pole in Tasmania. It is an extraordinary sea stick and about 60 meters high. Check out how the ocean is crashing onto the cliffs right next to Mayan. Ben has the best description for it: Adventure climbing.
    Ben Rueck on "Gutless Wonder" (5.14b) (c) Osprey Packs

    [VIDEO] Ben Rueck on “Gutless Wonder” (5.14b)

    The wintery conditions were actually perfect. Well, maybe not for Ben – but definitely for the shoot. The thick buffer of clouds diffused the intense Colorado sun, providing us with soft, even light. As it turned out, this high mountain weather painfully echoed the same conditions Ben endured when he finally sent Gutless in 2014, so the agony you see in this video is quite authentic.


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