[VIDEO] Beach Bouldering in Brazil with Paul Robinson and Felipe Camargo

The Thrill Of Brazil: After meeting US climber Paul Robinson five years ago during a visit to Colorado, Brazilian local Felipe Camargo has been desperate to show Paul the climbing in his native country. After years of nagging/gentle reminders, Paul is finally in Brazil and straight out of the gate, things are looking good for a successful trip.

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Felipe and Paul hit up São Bento, a beautiful mountain crag where, after repeating some hard, classic lines they set to work establishing a new V11/12, ‘Pais Tropical’. Paul is famously a big surf fan and while he only describes himself as a ‘V5 surfer,’ he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Ubatuba where, after a morning of surfing and football, he rounds out the day with an evening send of the mega-line ‘Normandia’ V12.

QuelleEpicTV (YouTube User)