9b for Andranda

Dani Andranda has climbed a 9b in the Ali-Baba cave in Rodellar, Spain. The route is an extension of an existing 9a+, Ali-Hulk Extension, which as the name suggests was an extension to a previous 9a, Ali-Hulk (which itself was a link up of two routes ….) For those not familiar with the Ali-Baba cave, its highest point is 5-6m at the lip, lowering gently to the back of the cave. It´s relatively low height has meant that all the routes have been climbed without a rope. This new 9b route takes the longest possible line across the 17m horizontal roof starting with a sit-start at the back, climbing the 9a+, then ventures into an 8b+ and then into an 8c+ to finish at the lip. That a route grade is given for a line which has no bolts and has been climbed sans rope is because of the 17m length of the cave. According to the 8a.nu forum, the cave has the potential to hold a number of independent lines and numerous possible link-ups – kind of sounds like a Spanish Parisella´s Cave. You can read a news report of Dani´s past successes in the cave here and see him climbing in the Ali-Baba cave here (also includes Sharma and Graham climbing in Rodellar). Dani is currently on his way to the U.K. with a week long trip planned that includes work for his sponsors Boreal and maybe a few days of the famed Peak gritstone if the weather allows…watch this space. Source: 8a.nu