About Rosta´s ascents

We got an email from Rosta Stefanek. He´s sick and tired of people talking bullshit behind his back and questioning his ascents. “To avoid all this “bull-shit..blablabla” stuff I have made a video from the ascent. (of Festin…”) I have also tried the Bain de Sang in St. Loup and is definitelly going to go there in April. If the things would go the right way and I would climb it, I would also like to make a video of this. Back to this route. I have spent there three days last year in November and now I needed one more day to work-out and two tries and the final try the next day. To the grade: I have only climbed two 8c+ routes before (one of them the first ascent) but I think I wouldn´t be able to climb Festin.. back in 1998 when I climbed Shangri-La. I can compare it with Bain de Sang (9a) which is according to me only a bit harder. The crux in Festin is more difficult but there are more hard moves in Bain.. If Bain.. is confirmed 9a than Festin could be 8c+/9a and my route Papirovy Mesic also 9a. For Ki (8B/B+) I needed 3 days last year and one day now. It is really hard. La vie.. (very bouldery, in fact only 4 moves) 3rd try.(La Vie, i´Universe et… is an 8c route Rosta climbed a few days ago. )