Adam Ondra – F9a First Go

Adam OndraUKC News, Oct 2009© Philippe Maurel /

As reported on the Beal Team Website:At Santa Linya in Spain Adam Ondra has onsighted the F8c+ La Fabela and instead of stopping to clip the chains he carried on, adding the finish of the Enmienda link-ups (this specific link is given an overall grade of F9a).Ondra had already climbed the final section the Enmienda link when he did the F9a+ route Novena Enmienda back in February 2008, however re-climbing this section on his first go after onsighting La Fabela (F8c+) is an amazing achievement.Although not a strict F9a onsight, this is a clear marker that the young Czech climber has what it takes to be the first to onsight a F9a route.EDIT:It seems there was some confusion on the Beal Team Website, the original source for this news information.Adam has updated the info of this ascent on the 9b Website:"Hey people,Somebody has spread pretty wrong informations. The first pitch of the climb, La Fabela 8c+, wasn't onsight at all, since I had known all the moves from other routes like Open Your Mind (it has the same 8a-ish start), Fabelita and Cachasa, what is the new project I tried two days and has the same finish with Fabela. This finish is also crux for Fabela.Thus I had climbed every single move in this pitch before! After the anchor of Fabela I climbed about ten meters that I had never climbed before (8a maximum) and the end is the same as Enmienda that I have climbed two years ago.Nevertheless, this route can be onsighted in the future in my opinion, but the crux of the first pitch is quite tough for onsight and not very obvious.Adam " Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen