Akiyo Noguchi (JPN) and Jan Hojer (GER) win the 2014 IFSC Boulder World Cup series

Amongst the idyllic medieval vestiges of Laval, our competitors came ready to give their all and put on an unforgettable show to round out the 2014 Boulder World Cup series before the World Championships in Munich in August!

Fotostrecke: Boulderweltcup 2014 in Laval, Frankreich

Fotos: © Heiko Wilhelm (OeWK)

Two New Bouldering Champions

After an intense and unpredictable final, the Japanese Akiyo fixes her first place in the Boulder Overall World Cup 2014 with an impressive gold medal in Laval. Even if they missed their chance to challenge her, Shauna Coxsey (5th in Laval) and Anna Stöhr (6th in Laval) are on the second and third step of the Boulder Overall World Cup 2014! Another Japanese climbs in the podium in Laval, Miho Nonaka and the German girl Juliane Wurm takes bronze.

Regarding men, Rustam Gelmanov shows an impressive technique in Laval, dominating the whole competition and takes gold medal. But it is not enough to win a place on the Boulder Overall World Cup 2014 podium, composed by Jan Hojer, Dmitrii Sharafutdinov and Guillaume Glairon Mondet, who wins the silver medal here his home country, just head-one his compatriot Jeremy Bonder.

Both MEN and WOMEN offered us an unprecedented IFSC World Cup Boulder Series 2014 that has been watched by thousands people all around the world, whatever the time was in their country! IFSC Climbing World Cup Laval 2014 – Boulder – Finals – Men/Women

Next stop: Chamonix (FRA)

Site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and one of the oldest ski resorts in France, Chamonix will host the first European stop in the 2014 IFSC Lead World Cup series, with a dual Lead and Speed competition! Don't miss the World Cup in the city that Mark Twain dubbed "the deathsport capital of the world"!

More information on the event, as well as live streaming of the semi-finals and finals on www.ifsc-climbing.org As always, we are present on Twitter during competitions, so reach out with the hashtag #IFSCwc.

QuellePierre-Emmanuel Danger (IFSC), Fotos: Heiko Wilhelm (OeWK)