An Advertising Revolution?

It´s all Dave MacLeod at the moment… On Wednesday morning he signed a new sponsorship deal with Scarpa. On Sunday afternoon he climbed a new f8c route, his first in his new boots (on trial at the time) and Scotland´s hardest to date! By yesterday evening Scarpa (with help from Hot Aches productions) had put out an advert for their boots featuring Dave on his new route with a commentary describing the technical features of the shoes!Dave Brown from Hot Aches: “…I went to The Anvil climbing Sunday with Fiona Murray and Dave Mac. Dave did his f8c project in his new shoes (whilst Fiona and I got totally spanked on Spitfire which is beyond doubt the best f8a you will ever see!) Dave had been testing out the Scarpa boots that day and almost sent his project first go (I dont mean his first ever red-point, but the first that day – I think it was the first day he wore Scarpas at The Anvil) and nailed it second go.   I was taking photos but it was really dark and raining so we went back two days later to get new pics and some video.  My company Hot Aches Productions are currently developing work with corporate clients so we shot a brief video with Dave talking about the boots that he was testing and re-climbing his f8c Bodyswerve. Within 24 hours Hot Aches had sorted out a deal with Scarpa and hosted a web advertisment linked from Scarpa advertisments placed on” In a world where email, mobiles and telephone mean we can communicate with each other virtually instantaneously it is a breath of fresh air to see a team of people working together so slickly. Furthermore we are interested in the development of video advertising. It´s old hat on television, so much so that to really grab your attention ads need to be short, sharp and original. The Scarpa ad is about 4 minutes long and would not only bore the pants off your average TV viewer, but cost a small fortune to run. However the web is a different kettle of fish. Viewers can choose when to watch an ad, and even fast forward it if they want. The length of the ad, with Dave?s commentary running the whole time, actually means you get to learn an awful lot more about the shoes, and the route, than your average Nike affair. We particularly like the real time element to the ad and suspect that the days of blocky animated GIF adverts are drawing to a close as more and more companies will follow suit and ?go video?? Photos from the advert courtesy of Hot Aches Productions Whilst on the subject of MacLeod Hot Aches have informed planetFear that the pre-orders of their new film E11 have surpassed their stocks already, a week before the official release date! Rest assured that planetFear will be receiving their batch as ordered early next week. If you want to check out the film before buying see the trailer (downloaded over 21,000 times so far!). The film will be screened at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, The Showroom Cinema in Sheffield (along with Set In Stone, the new profile film of Dave Birkett by Posing Productions) and Kendal Film Festival. Details of screenings. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–