Another Mega Traverse In Patagonia

by Dougald MacDonald click to enlarge New Hampsherites Dana ?Mad Dog? Drummond and Freddie Wilkinson have done a superb three-day traverse of Aguja Guillaumet, Aguja Mermoz, and Fitz Roy by its North Pillar. The traverse was the culmination of three warm-up climbs, including two new routes or variations, completed during the incredible high-pressure system that settled over the Fitz Roy massif during the second half of January. ?Mad Dog and I had four different successful climbs, but I really see them as part of a prolonged project that involved first doing our homework via a new route on Guillaumet, a new variation on Fitz Roy, and a free ascent of the Red Pillar on Mermoz, then linking all three summits in a single three-day traverse,? Wilkinson said in an email from Patagonia.Even the most casual observer of Patagonian climbing must be aware of the Torre Traverse, the Cerro Standhardt to Cerro Torre link-up that was attempted for two decades before Rolando Garibotti and Colin Haley completed it in January. By comparison, the Guillaumet?to?Fitz Roy traverse was a little-known plum, completed by relatively little-known climbers. Read the extensive report by Dougald MacDonald at ( Source: Climbing magazine )