Black Diamond In Smash and 'Krab' Raid

Dan Caruso with the Black Diamond Via Ferrata KitJack Geldard – Editor – UKC, Aug 2008© Jack GeldardDiamond Heist Stoppered: Employees keep cam, as thief steals computers.”The manager explained that the company does not really deal in diamonds or precious metals…” The Black Diamond headquarters in Salt Lake, USA were robbed by a man wielding an ice-axe earlier this month.The man snuck in at night, seemingly under the impression that the company dealt with diamonds and other precious stones. When he discovered his mistake he collected various items including ice-screws and some computer equipment and fled.He demanded the “the precious metals and the money” said the shift manager.More details: Salt Lake TribuneUKC are looking for the best headline for this news item (Bad puns welcome!). Please add any ideas to the forum thread and we'll change the headline to the best effort.(I'll admit that 'smash and krab' was probably scraping the bottom of the barrel!)[Edit: Second headline now added courtesy of Scomuir and A Nidderdale Boulderer] Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen