Bolland Brothers win the OMM

After securing a last minute entry Brendan and Sean Bolland won the OMM this weekend.

Brendan and Sean Bolland. 2007 OMM Elite Winners. Photo: SleepMonsters

On the Elite course, the navigation was more straight forward than in previous years despite the low cloud on the Saturday due to the number of fences and other features to bounce off. However, this didn?t prevent a few navigational mishaps from some teams and as ever route, choice was of crucial importance.On Saturday night a fierce storm battered the overnight campsite with strong winds (gusting to 60 mph) and heavy rain making it a particularly memorable night for the competitors. Fortunately, the storm had blown over by Sunday morning and the weather and it was almost nice when the first teams set off in the chasing start at 7am.A full event report will be published on planetFear shortly. In the meantime for full results visit the SportIdent website, for event reporting check out Sleepmonsters and of course, the OMM website.