Bouldering WC finals at Munich. The Semi finals.

The men's semi final was a brutal illustration of just how big the difference is between the few very best and the rest of the field. To get into the final, the top-6, it turned out, all you had to do was to top one of the four problems. Not as easy as it sounds…Oh, but the problems were just too hard then, no? You would suspect that, but as Adam Ondra topped all of the problem, using only a total of 6 tries, it's rather obvious how difficult the route setters' job is.So far, the biggest surprise is 19 year old Victor Kozlov, who looked brutaly strong, flashing the first three problems and qualifying in second spot. He did seem to run out of gaz on the last problem however…Among the women, quite a lot more tops were seen, and to squeeze into the final, you could only afford to fail on one problem. Three who didn't succeed were WC-leader (until now) Chloé Graftiaux, Alex Johnson and Jule Wurm. Jule injured a finger in a gardening(!) accident a while back and hasn't been able to train properly, but was still very close with a 7th place, while both Chloé and Alex looked uncharacteristically weak for some reason. Could it be that the problems didn't suit them?Over all, the competiton so far is a success for the Russian team, with three men and two women in the finals.Now the big question is: Can anyone really challange Adam and Anna?Personally, I doubt that. But you never know.

Adam Ondra takes the Salewa award© UKC News, 21 Jul 2010

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