CC Membership To Vote On New £600,000 Lakes Club Hut

by Mick Ryan Following on from our September 13th news report about the Climbers´ Club (CC) possibly purchasing a new club hut in the Lakes (read the news report here), the CC held a General Meeting on SaturdayOctober 6th in NorthWales. Iain Peters reports: About 50 members attended the General Meeting held on Saturday 06 October in NorthWales by the Climbers? Club to listen to a detailed presentation by the Club Treasurer, onthe proposal to acquire a hut in The Lake District.Following the presentation, which include detailed plans and outline costs, members thendebated whether or not the Clubshould continue with negotiations leading to thepurchase of the property. Initially the meeting looked to be heading towards a ?no? voteuntil powerful speeches from the floor in favour changed the mood, and the Motion wascarried by 33 votes to 12 with 3 abstentions.The Committee also felt that in view of thesize and financial commitment, full consultation with the membership was required tosupport the proposal. This was agreed unanimously.Club President Smiler Cuthbertson said, ?I?m pleased with the support we received for theProject at the meeting, but of equal importance was the decision to give the membershipthe final say in whether or not the Climbers´ Club should goahead with this project. All our members will now have the opportunity to look at theproposal in detail, make up their own minds and then vote.”