Chris Sharma repeats La Rambla Fr 9a+

by Mick Ryan Sharma Yesterday we reported that the Spanish climber Edu Marin had managed the second ascent of La Rambla, 9a+, in Siurana (Spain). He had been attempting it with a strong international team including Chris Sharma, Dani Andrada, Yuji Hirayama and David Graham. Next up is Chris Sharma fresh from his success on the deep water solo The Arch (photo) at Es Pontas, Mallorca. There is specualtion that this route maybe Fr 9b. Now Sharma has repeated La Rambla, 9a+ rather faster than he did The Arch! According to comment on Edu Marin is thinking about going South to try the Bernabe´s testpiece Chilam Balam, 9b+. Edu Marin has also repeated Rich Simpson´s A Muerte, 8c+/9a at Siurana. You can read Rich´s comments here atthe forums. Meanwhile David Graham is trying La Rambla and you can read about his trial, tribulations and joy at his online blog at the Climbing magazine website. ( Source: )