Climbing News Round Up

Spanish climbers on top form at home We reported earlier in the month about Ramon Julian onsighting an 8c (see Climbing News here). Not content with that amazing achievement, a look at his recent performances over the last 6 weeks shows that he has climbed 10 8c´s, 4 8b/8b+´s and 11 (all onsight!) 8a/8a+´a, never mind also competing in the leading World Cup events. All in all, not a bad few weeks of climbing. Mr 8a, Dani Andrada, has turned his (very strong) hands to a spot of bouldering, climbing the worlds hardest traverse problem in Baltzora. He thought that La traverse de arroi total would be an equivalent sport grade of 9a+/9b! Who says age matters… Worried that your climbing grade might deterioate with age… take some heart from the recent success of Swiss lady Anne Gray who has recently just climbed her first Font 7C+! Anne is 45 years old! Closer to home, In a recent BMC Summit magazine interview, Rab Carrington (of RAB clothing fame) reports that he is thoroughly enjoying his retirement. Not content with taking on the role of Vice President of the BMC, he also redpointed his first 7c last year. Rab is 58! Sources:, & Summit:42