Edu and Ramon again 2!

…and the story continues… This weekend, Ramon Juliáand Edu Marin were still climbing in Basqueland. Ramon, day 1: Panoramix, 8b+ (4 tries), Mamba, 8a (onsight) Sunami, 8c (4 tries) Oh yeah, that´s all the same day!! Day 2: Ultima aldea gala (8b+/8c, some climbers like Josune say 8c), it´s an Iker Pou route. Day 3: Gora begira…, 8b+, (2 tries) Fetuccini, 8b+, (2 tries) Edu, day 1: Panoramix, 8b+ ( 2 tries) Mamba, 8a (onsight) Day 2: Gora begira…, 8b+, (2 tries) Day3: Mafias, 8c. Daniandroide, 8b, (4 tries) In the last two weeks Juliá has sent one 8c+, six 8c´s, three 8b+´s and onsighted one 8a, while Marin has sent four 8c´s, three 8b+´s, one 8b and onsighted three 8a´s. Extremely amazing! They´re both rocketing up the rankings. Thanks Hector!