Endurance preperation for WC Ouldering for Ondra

Adam Ondra spend another week in Italy which resulted in a FA of La grande linea dei sogni, 8c+ or 9a, in Erto. It is a combination of two 8c+´s. “Of course I get pumped. And I got pumped even when I was 9. That is just rumour that I do not get pumped at all.My tactic against lactic acid is to climb fast, simply and precisely! And I am trying not to spend too much time in jugs. Resting more two minutes is usually totally useless if it is not no-hand rest and you still hang on arms”, says Adam to 8a. More info at Planetmountain.comIt is interesting to see that Adam continues to challenge his endurance even with his World Cup bouldering debut looming just behind the corner, May 1, in Austria.