Everest Success for Ran Fiennes and Kenton Cool

The View from Camp 4 on Everest at 7950mUKC News, 26 May 2009© Kenton Cool / Dream GuidesOn May 21st at 4.30am local time Sir Ran Fiennes stood on the summit of Everest.International Mountain Guide and UKC Contributor Kenton Cool commented:”For Ran and myself it was the crowning of five years of climbing together. Five years that has seen many routes climbed, including the North Face of the Eiger and an attempt on Everest only last year, which stopped just 450m shy of the summit.”Kenton documented his experiences of climbing the North Face of the Eiger with Ran in his UKC articles: Climbing with Sir Ranulph Fiennes Part One and Climbing with Sir Ranulph Fiennes Part 2.Kenton described his recent Everest success with Ran:”The day all went well, Ran left the top camp at 8pm and the rest of the team left at 9.30pm. Although there were a number of other teams that day we didn't find the route crowded. There was a cold North wind but apart from the camera equipment freezing this didn't cause any problems to the team.””The whole team was back in Camp 4 by 12 noon with no injuries to any of the members, all the team were back in Base Camp by 8pm the following day.”Ran Fiennes and Kenton Cool waiting for a helicopter ride to KathmanduUKC News, 26 May 2009© Kenton Cool / Dream GuidesSir Ran Fiennes, aged 65, is the oldest Briton and the first British pensioner to summit Everest. The oldest person to climb the peak is still the 76-year-old Nepalese man, Min Bahadur Sherchan who summited back in May 2008.Kenton Cool has now climbed Everest seven times in six years (a double summit in 2007). He told UKClimbing.com;”Sir Ran is now back in the UK generating money for the chosen charity of Marie Curie. The rest of the team are still in Kathmandu sorting out all the expedition equipment, which has got stuck in Lukla due to bad weather.”You can join the ardent forum discussion in the UKC ForumsWatch a BBC Video detailing the approach to Everest: More info on the BBC WebsiteFind out more about Kenton on his site Dream GuidesThe team would like to thank the following sponsors:Mountain Hardwear ,Petzl ,La Sportiva ,Julbo Sunglasses,Beal ,Suunto , Land Rover andIcebreaker Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen