Gibson Bags Another – E8 7a

Miles making the first ascent of his latest new route at Moorside RocksMiles Gibson took full advantage of the perfect weather we are experiencing at the moment and added another impressive first ascent to his list yesterday. Following his new route at Moorside a month or so ago, (Homeless – E8 6c) he went out to try the striking blunt arête to its left. Miles had previously been on the route a couple of times, but had failed to make much headway. However he is obviously on form after the recent bouldering comps, as he top roped it cleanly first time yesterday. After a little more practice and some egging on from spotters and belayers he went for it. The climbing is around the font 8a mark, consisting of a series of very hard moves above a good landing, then finishing with some desperate slaps at the top – where a fall would almost certainly be unpleasant. Miles graded the route E8 7a. No name as yet. Moorside Rocks, near Birchen Edge, with Miles´ two new routes marked (the line on the left is the latest to be completed) Also on Saturday Pete Hurley added a new route to Burbage South. “The Notorious B.L.G.” takes the shallow scoop in the wall above Every Man´s Misery (VS), 40-50m left of Parthain Shot and Equilibrium. The route consists of straight forward VS wall climbing to above half height where good gear can be placed. From there it gets interesting with tenuous, technical moves up the first half of the scoop leading to a blank section which Pete overcame by a very exciting and committing double dyno to the top of the crag! He graded it E6 6c.