Gogarth Guidebook Controversy Moves to CC Website

by Mick Ryan Concrete Chimney, Gogarth Iain Peters has initiated a debate on the Climbers´ Club (CC) website about CC´s Gogarth guidebook that has been attracting so much debate at UKClimbing.com this week (read the original debate here). Iain, the CC´s Newsletter Editor, made a plea for CC members to record their opinions on the Gogarth debate at the CC´s own website forum. Mike Bailey in a mixture of scathing comment about UKClimbing.com said,”It has almost become a regular event now – every few weeks the UKC crowd decide to give the CC a good kicking over the non-appearance of the Gogarth guide. Much of the traffic on that forum is glib and ill-informed, but nevertheless it all adds to the perception that the CC is allowing things to drift, and failing to address the situation. “Mike went on to suggest constructively that, “The most effective way to counter the criticism, and to demonstrate that the CC is serious about Gogarth, is to get what information we can out there for people to see, and quickly. This could be started by making the old guide available on-line (not impossible?), backed up with the draft information (easily available) on newer climbs, of which there are about 200. ” CC member, Al Downie countered with, “Their speculation about reasons for the delays may be glib or ill-informed, but their opinions regarding the situation are extremely valid and should not be ignored.” You can read the full debate at the CC´s website forum.