Good September for Iker Pou

After having freed the multi pitch route, Zaratustra 8a/+, at the beginning of September, Iker Pou has spent the rest of the month doing hardcore sport climbing. He first finished off the few routes that remained in the Korea sector in Oñati, such as Honky Mix 8c+, Ura Izan 8a, Lore 8a and Happy Forty 8a. After that, he moved on to Aranaratzen where he fired off Borroka da bide bakarra 8c. Then, he bolted and was the FA of both Baikor 8b+ and Orgasmu perfektua 8b in Eguino. At the end, he did the third ascent of Nuska 8c/+ in Baltzola, second go. In his own words: ?It?s an impressive route. The best in its style. 55 metres of pure and simple endurance with good holds and 25 metres of perfect roof?. His first try on this route was some three months ago when testing the route for the Dima Rock Master. This time Ander Gardeazabal and Jon Gurutz helped him remember the sequence. Source: Enlargable pic by Jabi Baraiazarra: Iker Pou on Honky Mix.