Hard Rock Challenge – One More Scottish Route, Then South

by Mick Ryan click to enlarge Two days ago it was “Not Really Going to Plan,” now they are having a celebratory curry before their last route in Scotland, The Bat on Ben Nevis. Rich Mayfield and Mark Stevenson have completed 44 routes out of Ken Wilson´s Hard Rock book and have 16 routes to do in 10 days, these routes being the remaining North Wales routes then the South West, hopefully finishing on Friday the 17th of August then it is the Hard Rock Festival on the Saturday and Sunday – www.hardrockfest.co.uk. Yesterday they completed Goliath and King Rat both at Dubh Loch, in howling winds then today they knocked off Trapeze at Aonach Dubh, Rick saying that they actually witnessed a shadow for the first time in Scotland and that Trapeze was the best route so far on the whole trip. After tomorrow it is North Wales, Rich said that if the weather holds that they may even fit two rest days in before and that they needed it because they were feeling, “a little tired.” In other Hard Rock News, Sam Mayfield, the ever-pulsating orb at the centre of the Hard Rock Challenge Universe,bumped into Scottish funny man Billy Connolly and I´m sure, or at least I hope, we get the full story soon. Keep upto date and donate at: The Hard Rock Challenge Blog: www.hardrockchallenge.blogspot.com The Hard Rock Challenge Website: www.hardrockchallenge.org.uk