Humar Solos Annapurna I

The Slovenian Alpinist Tomaz Humar has made a very impressive solo ascent of Annapurna I via the South Face. Humar topped out on the 28th October and relayed his success to base camp by satelitte telephone. Tomaz Humar is a world class alpinist with many fine ascents to his name but it is his ill-fated 2005 solo on Nanga Parbat that he is most well-know for. His attempt was surrounded by criticism from the mountaineering community because of his decision to attempt the peak in harsh weather conditions. In the end he spent 6 days on a small ledge before being rescued by helicopter – one of the highest helicopter rescues ever made. You can read more of Humar´s ascent of Annapurna I at here>> and read a more detailed report of his rescue on Nanga Parbat on the BBC website>>