Lost Arrow Masters – Results

The second annual Lost Arrow Masters bouldering competition took place at the Edge Climbing Centre in Sheffield yesterday. Having had a reasonable break since the last BBC´s there was a high level of interest, with 17 mixed teams of 6 competing for individual and team prizes. The format changed a little from last year encouraging more of a team atmosphere. There were thirty problems in all, ten men´s, ten women´s and ten neutral´s. Each team member had to attempt twenty problems in total, but if a woman climbed a men´s problem she would score double points, and if a man climbed a women´s problem he would score half points. Some interesting tactics were employed with very few (if any) of the men attempting purely men´s problems, and some of the women going for glory on one or two men´s problems. Sounds compicated? It would have been if it hadn´t been for some excellent organisation by Percy and the crew at the Edge, and some substantial sponsorship from Lost Arrow. Anyway, on to the results. For the time being we are working from memory so you´ll have to accept preliminary ones. We´ll update with the whole lot as soon as we get them. Men 1. Ben Moon 2. Andy Earl 3. Nic Sellars Women 1. Lucy Creamer 2. Sadie Renwick 3. Jo Gordon Team 1. Chilli / Moon