Lundy Report From Island Manager, Derek Green

by Katherine Oakes, Landmark Trust Lundy Derek Green, Island Manager said,”We have taken the very difficult decision to postpone all visits to Lundy between Saturday 22 September and Thursday 4 October.Visitors and some staff have been affected by a stomach bug and this course of action will give us the time needed to sanitise every property, public building and the ship to ensure the infection is eradicated.The infection is being managed as an outbreak of viral gastro-intestinal illness (Norwalk) but there is as yet no confirmed causative organism. We have great sympathy with anyone who has been ill.We are working closely with the Environmental Health team at Torridge District Council and the Health Protection Agency, to eradicate the infection and we all feel that this new course of action is the best way forward. Measures were put in place to reduce the spread of the infection. Strict hygiene procedures and a deep clean of all the properties has been undertaken but as there are still occurrences of the illness this more drastic action is now necessary. We are desperately sorry for the impact this will have on all those who were planning to holiday or visit Lundy over the next couple of weeks. We are in the process of contacting everyone to re-schedule their visits.Unfortunately, this will have a severe impact on our income at a time when we are trying to raise funds to repair our access road. I would like to thank all my staff on Lundy, the crew of M.S. Oldenburg and mainland Shore Office staff for their continuing hard work in trying to combat the virus.” Derek Green asked me to pass on our thanks for the understanding that the climbing community has shown during the last couple of weeks.We are doing everything possible to eradicate the infection and hope that we will be able to welcome everyone back to Lundy soon.