McClure, (#2) onsights everything…, 8b+

Steve McClure has been climbing in Siurana, Terradets and Rodellar, and manged to climb 21 routes of 8a and above, all onsight: McLure, accompanied by fellow British competition team members Kristian Clemmow and Lucy Creamer arrived at Barcelona airport late at night and drove straight to Siurana, arriving in the early hours of the morning. After only a few hours of sleep he managed to climb two 8a’sbefore rain stopped climbing. From here the team visited Les Bruixes – Terradets, where the style of climbing (more stamina than power) suited McLure’sclimbing style. On his second day at the crag steve managed to On-sight Formula Weekend 8a+ with its 8b extension, continuing over the roof from the belay chains. After a rest day he climbed Golpe de Gas 8b+ which he described as “Sustained” The team then switched venues to Rodella where Mclure On-sighted Les Chacals 8b, later described by Danni Andrada as “Very Hard” During the trip McLure climbed 13x8a, 5x8a+, 2x8b and 1x8b+ all on-sight and in only Eight days (climbing 2 days on and then taking 1 day off to rest) Once Steve has registered these amazing onsights, he should be #2 IN 8A.NU WORLDRANKING AT SOME 12 300 POINTS!!!