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Bushby On TV Tonight Karl Bushby, the Yorkshireman who is walking around the world is to be on Television tonight. Check out this update from his expedition website: At long last we have something for the ´latest update. Our apologies for the slow turnover of Expedition news, however the last update basically covered it all. Karl is now back in Fairbanks and continues to busily work away at obtaining the passes and permits required for his next leg across the Chukotka region of Siberia. He not only needs documentation for himself but also for items of his equipment. One of his major tasks is to work out a way of shipping a substantial amount of food and fuel to Russia, which has then to be distributed and securely stored in five ´way points´ along his route. Over the past couple of days the BBC have been out with Karl and have completed the filming they started at the time of the Bering Strait crossing. The Expedition will be shown on ´Inside Out´ on Monday, 9th October 2006. It will take the full 30 minutes of the programme, but can only be seen by those in the ´BBC North´ region or those with Sky who can tune to that programme. (7.30pm BBC1) See previous planetFear news reports on Karl´s progress. Goliath Expedition Website Should Everest be closed?Tourism is turning the world´s highest peak into its biggest rubbish dump, claim conservationists, who are pressing for controls on climbing. But will this cost sherpas their livelihood? Dan McDougall in Kathmandu reports on the campaign. From an online report in the Guardian yesterday. Read the full article ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–