New Booze For The Brenin

Plas y Brenin gets its own beer.PyB, the national mountain centre, has recently given a lot of thought in to what really matters to climbers. Safety? Access? Performance? Of course, all those are important, but the guides and instructors in North Wales have this time really hit the nail on the head.What is really important to climbers? Beer.After months of rigorous staff testing, the result is Brenin Bootliquor, a real ale brewed by the Bragdy Nant Brewery in the nearby town of Llanrwst, and made specially for the Brenin Bar.The secret recipe apparently contains remnants of old walking boots and boot dubbin, if you're to believe the legend.The beer will be launched on Saturday the 7th of June to coincide with a new mountain walking course at the centre titled “Snowdonia Uncasked”.As the Brenin bar is open to non-residents and visitors, it could be the place to be for that post-climb pint.NB. Bootliquor beer is not guaranteed to make you climb harder! Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen