New Climbing Centre in Rochdale

by Ian Dunn Ian Dunn has left Entre-Prises to build and manage a new climbing centre in Rochdale. The wall will consist of 250 sqm of bouldering and 220 sqm of leading and top rope climbing. Squawk is sticking his neck out when he claims: “The bouldering walls will be the best I have ever built. Bigger and better than The Wave at The Foundry, and with lots of different angles and a combination of curved resin sculptured walls and coated plywood.Imagine a combination of The Wave, Wirksworth, Broughton Glossop and The Berghaus Wall in Eldon Leisure!´” The address is: Climb Rochdale, Apollo House, 11-31 School Lane Rochdale OL16 1QP, Tel: 01706 524450 The wall is due to open in early May and they are currently looking for new staff.