New hard problem by Lamprecht

Here it is in Tony´s own words: Bokassa´s Fridge A Fridge used to be the infamous status symbol of the African dictator Bokassa, who had a special favour to keep his enemies´ in frozen details. Since last week Bokassa´s Fridge is the name of a new boulder-problem in Kochel, a climbing area in southern Germany. The problem is dedicated to the same named Indy-band, that had a big influence on me in my teenager days. The hard facts: The “Fridge” is a very hard variation to the almost classic-boulder-problem Antonator 8B leading into a new highball-exit called Snowcrash 8A+, that I climbed 2 months ago. This combination makes “Bokassa´s Fridge” to a 12 move long power party along an 7m overhanging limestone-prow. I needed 6 weeks after preparation to link up all moves to one of my hardest creations. The ice-cold conditions helped me to get the grip, so my training did, too: carrying a frozen fridge without breathing for 30 seconds!