Nike style for Traversi

A while back, Carlo Traversi repeated Jade, a short powerful problem he feels warrants 8B+. Yesterday he did Aslan, also 8B+, but so very different. Where the former is about power the latter, with 24 moves, is all about power endurance. What's more, he did it with only one pad and no spotters. I caught up with Carlo for a brief chat.Hey man, Aslan! Good job!ThanksQuite different compared to Jade. Seems you can do it all now.Getting there, Big worm [also 8B+] tomorrow. The 8B+ weekend perhaps.Impressive stuff! Do you feel you climb better on your own?Lately it's been easier to rely purely on my own motivation. No distractions.I totally understand. I just feel that… well, you need to have a strong head when you have no spotters.Yeah, definitely. The last move on Aslan could potentially be very dangerous.A strong head or a helmet… Did it feel safe tho'? power to waste?It wasn't the best conditions…but I was committed to completing it from the first moveMind over matters thenSeems to be the case these days. Or rather getting into the right mental state to “execute”.Nike styleHaha, yeahHere's the video. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen